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  • Smoking a #LaGloriaCubana Inmensos LCDH editon. Delicous balanced cigar.
  • Now smoking the #RamonAllones 898 Excl Alemania. Delicious cigar and a true gem. Tnx @lcdh_almere_olav 😉
  • Testing a #Punch Royal Coronations Tubo TOS ABR16 so far a very decent and tasty corona with good draw and balanced flavours.
  • Grilling in my “Grill-Ecke” #Cavecooking at its best 😎 Delicious Jalepeño sausages, entrecotes and porkchop. When prepping the #Kamado it is #cigartime 😉
  • Finally #StDupont came with a nice leather pouch for the #Slim7. I realy like it!
  • #Smoking on the water part 2. in full motion! My lovely wife @irenehoebe with a #Bolivar #Emperador! #lcdhalmere

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